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  • Employee Profile: Gunnar Denney

    Employee Profile: Gunnar Denney

    [et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Name: Gunnar Denney                                                                                  Position: Sales Engineer -NC & SC What was your childhood like? My childhood was very quiet but filled with amazing family/friendships. Growing up with three sisters, I didn’t have to do much. 2. Who was a hero to you growing up? Why? My mother was […]

  • Employee Profile: Isabella Broaddus

    Employee Profile: Isabella Broaddus

    Name: Isabella Broaddus Position: Inside Sales Support – US Southwest 1) What was your childhood like? I spent most of my childhood living in a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood walking distance to my elementary school, where I made some lifelong friends and had a great time. We loved playing outside, catching lightning bugs in mason […]

  • Employee Profile: Robert Murray

    Employee Profile: Robert Murray

    Name: Robert Murray Position: South West Regional Manager 1) What was your childhood like? My childhood was filled with love and adventure. I spent summers exploring city streets and playing with my friends in the neighborhood. I was blessed to have a supportive family and a safe environment to just be a worry-free kid. 2) […]

  • Employee Profile: Chris Scott

    Employee Profile: Chris Scott

    Name: Chris Scott         Position: South Central Regional Sales Manager Years with the company: 1 Year 1) What was your childhood like? My Dad was in the Navy, so I spent my younger years moving around the country until we settled in Florida. I lived a pretty normal Florida life of going to the beach, eating […]

  • Employee Profile: Chris Baker

    Employee Profile: Chris Baker

    Name: Chris Baker         Position: General Manager – North American Sales Years with the company: 7 Years 1) What was your childhood like? Extremely blessed. Dad was coaching my baseball team, and I could look over to see Mom and my brother Austin watching us on the field. I didn’t know exactly how much I’d appreciate […]

  • Employee Profile: Ron Hicks

    Employee Profile: Ron Hicks

    Name: Ron Hicks Position: Vice President, Sales and Service Years with the company: 11 1) What was your childhood like? I lived in the country, so my friends and I traveled all over on our bikes exploring. We left in the morning and didn’t come home until dinner. We always took care of our chores […]

  • Employee Profile: Mike Lacy

    Employee Profile: Mike Lacy

    Name: Michael Lacey         Position: Field Service Supervisor          Years with the company: 2  1) What was your childhood like?    My childhood was somewhat typical. I’m the son of a Preacher, so we didn’t have much money. My days consisted of front yard football with the neighborhood kids, bike riding, and church activities.  2) Who was […]

  • Employee Profile: Fulya Alatli

    Employee Profile: Fulya Alatli

    Name: Fulya Alatli  Position: Administration/CSS       Years with the company: 2  1) What was your childhood like?  I grew up with my parents and 2 brothers in Ludwigshafen very close to Mannheim and Heidelberg. I had a beautiful, happy-go-lucky childhood in a lively and turbulent family.  2) Who was a hero to you growing up? Why?  […]

  • Employee Profile: Ramses Ochoa

    Employee Profile: Ramses Ochoa

    Name:   Ramses Ochoa           Position:  Inside Sales Specialist               Years with the company: 1   1) What was your childhood like?  My childhood was very easygoing. I had a large family and I spent lots of time with them. Some of my best memories are from family BBQs and beach hangs. I grew up by the beach so […]

  • Employee Profile: Erin Wilson

    Employee Profile: Erin Wilson

    Name: Erin Wilson      Position: Inside Sales Specialist – SC & NC      Years with the company: 2  What was your childhood like?  I had what most people would say was a normal childhood. I was born and raised in Newport News and still live in the area. My parents both worked hard for my brother and […]