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  • API’s 9D LADAR Revolutionizes Shop Floor 3D Inspections

    In today’s manufacturing industry, high demands for precision and efficiency are driving the need for more automation, especially for time-consuming quality inspection and quality control processes. To help manufacturers keep up with these demands, API has been developing a series of flexible automation solutions that combine our state-of-the-art measurement equipment with integration to the leading […]

  • LADAR Application | Full Aircraft Inspection

    LADAR Application | Full Aircraft Inspection

    As the aviation industry continues to evolve, the need for advanced technology to perform aircraft inspections becomes increasingly important. One such technology is non-contact scanning, which is becoming increasingly popular for full aircraft inspections. Given the extreme forces they are subjected to during takeoff, flight, and landing, full aircraft inspections are necessary for military and […]

  • API Launches DYNAMIC 9D LADAR at Control 2022

    API Launches DYNAMIC 9D LADAR at Control 2022

    Breakthrough LADAR technology sets new standard in non-contact optical dimensional metrology for manufacturing industries At Control, API launches the DYNAMIC 9D LADAR, an innovative LAser Detection And Ranging system that captures both dimensional and surface geometry data. It incorporates a breakthrough technology that is set to revolutionize automated production measurements. The patent-pending Dynamic 9D LADAR […]

  • iScan3D Hand-Held Metrology Grade 3D Scanner Provides Freedom-to-Measure

    iScan3D Hand-Held Metrology Grade 3D Scanner Provides Freedom-to-Measure

    API introduces the next generation of iScan3DTM Laser Scanner featuring improved optics and blue crossed laser lines for fast and accurate metrology grade point cloud generation. API, inventor of the Laser Tracker, today launched a thoroughly reengineered version of iScan3D™ hand-held metrology grade 3D scanner. iScan3D is the third-generation version of API’s metrology-grade scanner. It […]

  • Accuracy, Durability, Value

    Accuracy, Durability, Value

    SMRs are the backbone of modern Laser Tracker measurements. And like backbones, they must not break easily. API’s Break-Resistant SMRs come in a full range of sizes at the best value in the industry. Click here to learn more about SMRs.

  • API vProbe: Benefit From Enhanced CMM Measurements Directly On Your Production Floor

    API vProbe: Benefit From Enhanced CMM Measurements Directly On Your Production Floor

    The API vProbe tactile measuring sensor provides the ability to perform accurate CMM style measurements directly on the production floor. Integrated with the API RADIAN Laser Tracker, the vProbe significantly enhances the measuring capabilities and functionalities of traditional laser trackers. vProbe is a wireless, hand-held, lightweight, tactile probe with easy hold grip that allows users […]

  • API Product Line

    For more than 30 years, API has pioneered laser-based equipment for measurement and calibration. API’s founder and CEO, Dr. Kam Lau, invented the laser tracker while working at USA’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to allow industrial robot accuracies to be determined. Today, API is a global company offering not only the state-of-the-art […]

  • API Launches Scanning Laser Tracker

    API Metrology announces the introduction of its RADIAN-Scan scanning laser tracker. The RADIAN-Scan is aimed at the 3D scanning and reverse engineering markets, offering a productive alternative to portable arms and hand-held, target-based photogrammetry scanning solutions. Integral to the RADIAN-Scan is API’s benchmark RADIAN PRO laser tracker, paired with the API iScan* hand-held laser-line scanner, […]

  • Checkbox | Smart Factory Inspection System

    API, recognizing the manufacturing industry’s increasing demand for part measurement automation, with a higher degree of accuracy, has developed its Smart Factory Inspection System (SFIS) with true 6DoF real-time 3D robotic measurement, incorporating its proven metrology technology and calibration components. SFIS can be delivered as a customized integrated solution or as a standard production inspection […]

  • The API SwivelCheck is an All-in-One Solution for Machine-Tool Axis Analysis

    API’s SWIVELCHECK measures the rotary and pendulum axes and tilt tables of machine tools and can also calibrate their errors. SwivelCheck combines a servo-driven motor with electronic level and precision rotary encoder to measure numerous parameters from one measurement position. SwivelCheck operates in automated or manual mode and includes API’s Intellicomp software for control, data […]