Checkbox | Smart Factory Inspection System

API, recognizing the manufacturing industry’s increasing demand for part measurement automation, with a higher degree of accuracy, has developed its Smart Factory Inspection System (SFIS) with true 6DoF real-time 3D robotic measurement, incorporating its proven metrology technology and calibration components.

SFIS can be delivered as a customized integrated solution or as a standard production inspection cell.

The standard API SFIS CheckBox™ is an optical 3D measuring solution developed for the inspection of parts and installation integral with manufacturing operations. Modular in design, and scalable in size, CheckBox utilizes a 6 axis industrial robot with real-time encoded robot position using the benchmark API 6DoF RADIAN Pro laser tracker. Real time enhanced robot accuracy completely eliminates any requirement for problematic stickers used by photogrammetric robotic measuring systems and provides comparable horizontal-arm CMM accuracy. For larger part inspection the robot is mounted on a linear rail.

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