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  • API Launches Latest Radian Laser Tracker Range

    API Launches Latest Radian Laser Tracker Range

    API LAUNCHES LATEST RADIAN LASER TRACKER RANGE API has announced the launch of its latest Radian™ line of laser trackers. The updated series of Radian trackers offer the lightest, most compact, and highest accuracy trackers in the industry. The line includes three models: Radian Core, Radian Plus and Radian Pro. The Radian Core is a […]

  • Modular Construction

    Modular Construction

    API Modular Construction API brings in measurement experts from a variety of industries, but one of the most common is the modular shipbuilding industry.   The experience from building warships utilizing modular construction can be found in Application Engineers at Headquarters, Service Engineers supporting the field, sales representatives, and even the Executive team. The knowledge […]