The New API

After 30 years as a global metrology pioneer improving manufacturing processes, Automated Precision Inc., the inventor of the Laser Tracker and 6 Degrees of Freedom laser interferometer, has rebranded to API. Our mission to continue improving manufacturing processes globally, however, remains the same.

API’s award-winning product line includes:

  • The Radian Laser Tracker Series, the smallest, lightest, and fastest laser trackers
  • 3D Targets like Active Target and Smart Track Sensor*
  • Machine Tool Calibration (MTC) products, including the XD Laser and Wireless Ballbar
  • Industrial Robot Calibration products like Robotic Measurement Software (RMS) and Smart Factory Inspection Systems (SFIS)

API’s constant pursuit of excellence goes beyond guaranteeing the quality and reliability of our products. With a vision for automation, a passion for precision, and a focus on innovation, API strives to prove there is nothing beyond measure.

*Not available in Germany.

To find out more of what the new API can do for you, please contact us here