vProbe Dam Application

Dams are a crucial source of renewable energy the world over. The 2017 Infrastructure Report Card counted over 90,000 dams in the United States alone. Only about 3% of these dams produce electricity, and yet over 10% of American electricity comes from hydropower. So, these massive pieces of infrastructure are a mighty source of power. And to maintain those levels of production, dams must be maintained to the tight tolerances they are designed with, even as they settle into the earth over time.

The railings for the turbines (which catch the falling water and create electricity from that kinetic energy) must stay parallel in multiple directions to ensure the dam continues to produce efficiently and effectively. The API Radian Plus and vProbe have been a useful combination in making these parallelism checks. The 80m range of Radian allows for measurements at a distance throughout the dam, and its flexible mounting positions allow it to be placed anywhere (even upside down). The vProbe is equally crucial. vProbe is completely wireless and offers up to 6 hours measuring life on a single battery. The swappable styli can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, with lengths up to 500mm supported. Both point measuring and dynamic scanning are possible with the vProbe, whose internal leveling mechanics allow for full 360-degree rotation in measurement. Check out the vProbe in action below.

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